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It started with a couple dead bodies and $68,000 in stolen cash. Chip Taylor’s girlfriend Liza had the perfect plan to rip off her rich sugar daddy. It should have been an easy in and out kind of deal. Nobody would get hurt and they would come out of it with enough loot to solve their problems. But things started going wrong as soon as they were inside the rich man’s house, and for Chip it was only the beginning of the longest, most terrifying ride of his life.
Anyone who thinks the new Ghostbusters film is good purely because it has all female leads should watch this. The story is about Chip and his strong minded girlfriend Liza. She has a sugar daddy who she plans to still $68000 from with Chip’s help. Liza has a different idea of how to do the robbery and it ends in two deaths and a kidnapping. There is thin more double crossing, more deaths and a lot of blood.

The characters are genuinely different to most films but still believable. Liza’s brother was my favourite character and probably the most psycho of them all. I also loved Liza for being a strong woman but ordinary too. She knows what she wants and happy to kill for it if necessary. Although it has strong females the males don’t really come over as weak and pathetic which normally happens with a strong female. Chip has a lot of bad things happen to him by women but ends up as the winner at the end.

The film has some thriller elements. It is also funny in places. It also has blood gore with limbs being chopped off and Liza’s brothers sexual perversion.

This is a genuinely different but good film. I have seen a lot of films and never really seen anything like it. Give it a go.

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68 Kills 2017 720 WEB-DL
68 Kills 2017 720 WEB-DL
68 Kills 2017 720 WEB-DL
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